SmartTalent - Five Benefits of Supplementing Your Staff With a Temporary WorkforceDoes your company need to hire new employees, but only for a set period? If so, consider hiring temporary employees to supplement your full-time workforce. Temporary employees bring a ton of advantages to businesses, five of which we will discuss in today’s post so you can make an informed decision about expanding your workforce.

Save on Overtime

One of the biggest reasons why companies should supplement their staff with a temporary workforce is the fact that it will save them on overtime pay. You no longer have to pay full-time workers to finish projects after normal operating hours or come in on the weekends. This means that your budget will be healthier, because you will pay less money in overtime work.

Increased Productivity

The second benefit of supplementing your staff with a temporary workforce is that you will see increased productivity from your full-time staff, because they will have less stress due to the additional help at the office. The increased productivity will also come from the temporary workers, who are being brought in to help the company get through a busy season.

Cut Down on Bad Hires

A major benefit of supplementing your full-time workforce with temporary employees is that you will be able to cut down on bad hires. Because the temporary workers will be screened by a staffing firm prior to getting hired, it means that the employees will have the best skills available and the experience required by the company to get the job done. Bad hires hurt the productivity of the office and cost thousands when it is time to replace the bad hire not long after being hired in the first place.

Fill Vacancies Quickly

The fourth benefit of supplementing your full-time workforce with temporary employees is that you will be able to fill vacancies quickly. Should a position become available due to sickness, death, retirement, resignation or firing, the company can fill the vacancy quickly with a temporary worker. The temporary worker can be monitored during their time with the company, and possibly offered a full-time job if they impress. If not, the company can look for a permanent replacement while the job is being handled by a temporary employee, ensuring that the company does not miss a beat.

Reduce Stress Levels of Full-Time Employees

The fifth advantage of supplementing your full-time workforce with temporary employees is that it will reduce the stress levels of your full-time employees. They will be able to share their duties with temporary workers, hand-off projects to them and not have as much stress in their lives since their workload will be smaller.

Does your company need to hire a temporary worker to supplement the full-time workforce? If so, contact SmartTalent today to speak with an experienced staffing professional about your company’s hiring needs.