A Personalized Approach for Precise Results

Businesses that need high-performance talent and cost-effective staffing solutions trust SmartTalent. Our team delivers flexible, customized solutions to help dynamic companies achieve their goals.

SmartTalent services are designed to save time, improve outcomes and drive bottom-line results. Our approach is based on relationships – we learn everything we can about your business to make effective recommendations, tailored for your unique business needs.

Client Services

Temporary and Contract

Manage variable workloads, busy seasons and large projects with skilled temporary and contract workers handpicked for your business. SmartTalent handles the administrative burden of payroll for you.


Our Temp-to-Hire program allows you to evaluate an employee on a trial basis. When you feel you have a match, just let us know and we will make the transition to your payroll easy. SmartTalent also offers an early transfer plan called Smart TalentHire, which gives you the same benefit and guarantee of a direct hire.

Direct Hire

We offer a full complement of services – extensive candidate searches, in-depth interviews, complete behavioral and skills assessments, and presentations of the most fully qualified candidates who will be poised to make an impact.

Onsite Management

If managing a large pool of temporary workers has become unmanageable, SmartTalent has the solution. We oversee, track, coach, onboard, supervise and continually improve quality for your contingent workforce. We can provide an onsite manager to handle worker check-in, paycheck delivery/distribution, and performance counseling and employee relation resolution, so you can focus on achieving your goals.


Quality Commitment

Clients form long-term partnerships with SmartTalent because they get access to quality candidates for every placement. Our recruiters are trained intensively and certified based on stringent standards. They leverage tools and relationships and apply a six-step process that examines what a candidate “can-do,” “will-do” and where they “will-fit.”

  1. Behavioral Assessment: SmartTalent eliminates the guesswork that most staffing companies rely on. Candidates must undergo a pre-employment behavior assessment that determines predisposition to both positive and negative behaviors.
  2. Skills Assessment: Each potential candidate completes our SMART (Skills Matrix Assessing Real Talent) testing process to verify skills.
  3. Behavioral Interview: This process measures past performance, attitude, behavior, attendance, etc. to predict future performance.
  4. Orientation: When we decide to take on a candidate, they complete orientation and training that includes safety and ergonomics.
  5. SmartV.I.S.®: The SmartTalent Verification Information System verifies eligibility of all newly hired employees.
  6. SmartProtect: Selected candidates will undergo client-specific verifications including reference checks, DMV, drug screening, criminal background checks as well as additional skills and behavior testing as requested.

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