How to Effectively Describe Your Skills on Paper

Poets. Advertising executives. Travel writers. A lot of professions are based on describing complex or elusive topics in evocative prose. Well, you might not be a poet. But you do have to find a way to describe your skills on paper. By capturing your abilities in your resume and cover letter, you increase your ability… Read More

A Look into the Four Types of Workplace Feedback

Feedback is crucial for maximizing the value of your team. However, not all feedback is the same. By mastering the four types of workplace feedback, you can target your communication to the situation and get the most out of your employees. Few people doubt the overall value of feedback. Even negative feedback has its place,… Read More

How to Find a Safe Job During this Next Wave of COVID

There was a time when it seemed like COVID would represent a brief blip in the economy, followed by a quick return to normal. Those assumptions have largely disappeared at this point. As you search for a job, you have to keep the virus in view, searching for a safe situation while preparing for the… Read More

How to Prepare for the End of Year Surge in PTO

Ah, the holidays. A time of high spirits and good cheer. Unless, of course, unless you’re a supervisor. Then, it’s the time when everyone on your team cashes in their PTO and disappears for weeks at a time. Of course, not all workers will utilize their allotted PTO. A study from a few years ago… Read More

How to Find High Quality Remote Jobs That Let You Work From Anywhere

Many companies leaned heavily on remote work to keep the doors open during the pandemic. Even after the worst of COVID has passed, a good portion of these employers will continue to offer remote options. This means an excellent opportunity for workers, who can find high-quality jobs that let them work from anywhere. Experts project… Read More

Finding an LGBTQ Inclusive Workplace

An LGBTQ-inclusive workplace does more than make everyone feel comfortable and welcome in the workplace. These diversity-sensitive environments also open the doors to career growth and long-term opportunities. How can you discover these prime employers? According to Gallup, 5.6% of the U.S. population identifies as LGBT. Unfortunately, the representation in corporate America lags significantly behind… Read More

Creating an Effective Employee Training Program

Training sets the tone for your staff. Each new employee learns how to be part of the team during the training process. By creating an effective training program, you can influence the rest of their tenure in your organization. The money you invest in an education program for your incoming employees comes back to you… Read More

Educational Steps to Becoming a Machine Operator

Looking to become a machine operator? It provides a superb way to build a career in the manufacturing industry. However, it does take training and education to snare the highest-paid positions. Knowing how to balance practical experience with more formal education will let you get the most out of the machine operator position. With the… Read More

Tips on Hiring Top Light Industrial Talent

The labor market has gotten tight for light industrial talent. This creates tricky conditions for hiring new workers. You’ll need to update your recruitment process to get the best light industrial employees you can. The post-COVID reopening has put all workers in high demand. The unusual market factors have put the squeeze on manufacturers of… Read More

5 Ways to Improve Employee Morale

Want to get the most out of your team? You need to look beyond worker skills and corporate policies. A spiritual approach is also necessary. To maximize your staff’s potential, you need take steps to maximize employee morale. An engaged, happy workforce makes for a pleasant office atmosphere. However, you get more than good vibes… Read More