How Improving Company Culture Can Attract Better Candidates

We hear a lot about corporate culture. But what does it really mean? In essence, the concept defines your company’s vision and the way it treats its various stakeholders. No wonder the idea plays such a crucial role in the recruiting process, letting you attract better candidates and improve your team-building possibilities. Workers want you… Read More

How to Stay Motivated in Your Job Search After Rejection

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5 Best Ways to Support Working Parents After Returning to The Office

COVID sent many workers home. For parents, this meant creating new schedules and unfamiliar routines, especially as it related to childcare and other family responsibilities. Now, this structure will have to change again. Are you doing enough to support your working parents now that they are returning to the office? With many career-minded professionals waiting… Read More

Why You Should Job Search With a Recruiter vs. Online

You can find everything online these days. From food to products to romantic partners. But does that mean that the internet makes the best outlet for your job search? Not when you can work with a recruiter. Sure, online resources have improved the job-search process in the past couple of decades. Searching through newspaper ads… Read More

Employee Benefits Candidates Don’t Care About (And One’s They Do)

Companies are looking for every edge to attract and retain top talent. As part of this, firms attempt to build enticing benefits packages that will keep them ahead of competing employers. But which of these benefits really draw the best candidates, and which ones elicit eye rolls from job seekers? It’s a crucial question when… Read More

Are You Asking Companies These Questions During Interviews?

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Signs It Is Time for a Career Change

Do you feel like you’re in a rut? How do you know if that’s just a passing slow patch or the sign you need a change of scenery? It’s important to know the difference between everyday bouts of boredom and existential career stagnation. Understanding when to seek fresh opportunities represents a key career-building trait. However,… Read More

How Can YOU Make Employee Retention a Priority in 2022?

Retention is always a crucial issue for employers. However, given the job market that has taken hold since the post-pandemic reopening, the topic becomes even more important for 2022. Keeping your top talent in place will help you rise above the competition. The loosening of COVID restrictions has thrown the labor market into turmoil. Workers… Read More

Hiring During the Holidays: The Best Times to Start Applying

Ah, the holidays. A time of shopping, anxiety, and family drama. Why not add a job search on top of all that? True, the holidays don’t make the ideal time to search for a new position. You’re distracted by personal and family considerations. At the same time, potential employers often slow down their operations due… Read More

How Has COVID-19 Impacted Employee Mental Health?

There has been a lot of press about the physical and even economic impact of COVID. Every day, we hear about deaths and hospitalizations. At the same time, our social media feeds have been inundated with stories of shortages and supply chain disruptions. But what about the mental aspect? Unfortunately, that has often taken a… Read More