Tips on How to Answer Skill-Based Questions During an Interview

You thought you left exams behind when you finished school. Unfortunately, some job interviews get that test-like feel. Beyond the traditional questions about your background and work habits, many employers also mix in skill-based questions. These require a different kind of preparation. For more general questions, it’s possible to compose standard answers. You may tweak… Read More

5 Reasons Why a Job With Flexible Hours is Perfect For Your Summer Vacation

Ah, summertime. Time to relax, hit the beach, and completely forget about school for a few months. It’s also a great time to earn some extra money. But is there anything better than fast-food joints for summer cash? Actually, there is. A job with flexible hours gives you the best option for summer vacation. Summer… Read More

How Temporary Positions Are a Great Way to Gain Experience and Decide on a Career Path

Careers last a long time. Your work life will span decades, meaning that any decision you make can reverberate for years to come: no pressure or anything. However, even with these long-term implications, you don’t need to be gripped by uncertainty as you scroll through job postings. There are ways to create flexibility while still… Read More

Looking for The Perfect Resume Builders? Try Temp Jobs!

You don’t get much time to impress employers. Studies show that the average resume only gets a few seconds of attention before hiring managers make a decision. It’s important that your work history has all the right experience to keep you in contention. But how do you build your resume quickly and efficiently? Temporary positions… Read More

How to Make Yourself Stand Out to Get the Promotion You Want

Not everyone can score a promotion. To move up in your company, you need to stand out. Yes, you need to be a team player — but you also have to spotlight your long-term potential. That way, you can achieve the advancement you want. We talk about corporate ladders, but more often, companies have a… Read More

How to Make Your Temporary Employees Feel Part of the Team

Temporary workers have become a major part of the economy. In a given week, more than three million people fill temp assignments, with about 17 million taking on those roles during a year. But even as these employees become crucial contributors to your organization, are you doing enough to make them feel like part of… Read More

5 Benefits to Taking a 2nd or 3rd Shift Position

Traditionally, we think of a full-time job as nine to five. However, a large chunk of the workforce operates a different schedule — about two out of every five, according to one study. Are there any benefits to considering alternative hours, like turning to a second or third shift position? Yes, these nonstandard schedules can… Read More

Job Description Updates That Will Gain You More Applicants

Think of how much effort job seekers put into their resumes—agonizing over every word, weighing potential formats, obsessively proofreading it over and over. Do you put the same care into crafting your job descriptions? You probably should. After all, in most cases, these posts provide your main introduction to the talent you hope to recruit.… Read More

What You Should Already Know About the Employer Before Going Into The Interview

Success usually requires significant preparation. That’s certainly true for job interviews. Headed into your meeting with a prospective employer, you should already know as much as possible about the company. Armed with this information, you can raise your chances of scoring the job. Rather than treating each interview as a generic event, your research allows… Read More

The Cost-Effective Benefits of Partnering With a Staffing Company

Finding the ideal employees can represent an expensive proposition. While the amount changes based on the position and the circumstances surrounding the hire, one estimate put the average cost of recruiting a new employee at around $4,000. However, you can take steps to reduce that amount. Specifically, a partnership with a staffing company can cut… Read More