How To Stand Out At A Job Fair And Make Sure Employers Will Call You

With COVID restrictions subsiding, in-person job fairs are coming back. These events offer you a chance to connect with top employers. However, you’ll need to learn how to stand out from the other candidates who flock to these recruiting hubs. Many employers rely heavily on job fairs for recruiting. One study found that large companies… Read More


Who Should You Choose For Your Job Reference?

Reference checks are an extremely common part of the hiring process. One survey showed that 87% of employers use this tool while making their hiring decisions. As such, you need to be prepared when it’s time, choosing references that can secure you the job offer you deserve. Think of it like your own super-team. Who… Read More

Explaining Gaps In Your Work History

Stepping away from your career doesn’t have to kill your professional momentum. However, it does complicate your job search, especially when you first return to the workforce. The key to overcoming this challenge is knowing how to communicate with potential employers about the gaps in your work history. Statistics suggest you’ll likely take a break… Read More

How to Showcase Your Work Ethic in an Interview

A strong work ethic forms the backbone of any success. Over a long enough period of time, you’ll make it clear that you’ll show up every day and put in the extra effort. But how do you make that obvious during the highly condensed conversation of a job interview? Employers seek out candidates with a… Read More

Make these Job Search Tweaks to Stay Motivated After Rejection

It only takes one. That’s what you need to tell yourself as you make your way through the job-search process. Wading through a series of rejections can fuel frustration and undermine your confidence. But at the end of all those cold shoulders and polite snubs, you just need one employer to say “yes.” After all,… Read More

5 Reasons to Fill Resume Gaps with Temp Work!

Returning to work after a long absence comes with many challenges. It’s important to find ways to smooth the transition. Temp work offers an excellent chance to ease back into the labor market, letting you fill resume gaps and resurrect your career momentum. Remember: you’re not alone. One study showed that nearly six in 10… Read More

Your Soft Skills May Be The Key To Your Next Job

Ready to push your career forward? Acquiring more intense technical abilities can boost your value — but only in a very narrow field. To really expand your horizons, you need to nurture your soft skills, turning them into the key to your next job and the path to maximizing your longer-term prospects. This focus on… Read More

Found a Temp Job You Love? Here’s How to Make it Permanent

It’s the fling that becomes an enduring romance. You land a temp position, thinking you’ll only stay for a short time before moving on. But then (twist ending), you fall in love with the company and your coworkers. You want to make the situation permanent. How can you achieve that transition? Well, it might not… Read More

3 Tips for Getting a Job with NO Experience

Breaking into the job market is hard. Even with a stellar education and obvious inborn talent, finding even an entry-level position presents a challenge. Most companies want some form of professional background. As such, how can you land a decent position with no experience? There are steps you can take. After all, everyone starts out… Read More

How You Can Use Social Media as a Useful Tool in Your Job Search

In recent years, social media has expanded its influence into every aspect of modern life. Unsurprisingly, then, it has become an increasingly common part of the job-search process. For instance, one study reported by Glassdoor showed that nearly eight in 10 candidates (79%) will leverage this tool in their attempts to find a position. In… Read More