Staying Safe At Work: How To Protect Yourself Against Pandemic Uncertainty

It seems like every time a return to work becomes likely, the fight against the pandemic suffers a setback. Late last year, the onset of Omicron delayed many plans to bring employees back together. Once that passes, will it finally be safe? Uncertainty about the course of the pandemic has caused widespread anxiety. One survey… Read More

5 Common Lies to Look For When Reviewing Resumes

Dating profiles and resumes: what do they have in common? Hopeful searching and misinformation. We’re going to focus on the second one, helping you root out the most common lies that candidates put on their resumes. These fibs are more common than you might think. One study found that more than three-quarters of resumes (78%) are… Read More

How to Fall in LOVE With Your Job Again

Some good news: most people love their jobs. One study found that more than two-thirds of workers (69%) characterized themselves as feeling “love” for their current position. Potential bad news: you might be part of the unfortunate minority that has less than amorous feelings for your present career situation. But maybe you just need to… Read More

5 Signs Your Employee Already Has One Foot Out The Door

The Great Resignation has thrown many companies into disarray. Turnover rates have skyrocketed as employees quit in record numbers. To hold your best employees, you need to learn the warning signs that they may have one foot out the door. By getting proactive about your retention efforts, you can avoid losing your top talent. That… Read More

5 Tips for Negotiating a Raise

The post-COVID economy has created an incredibly tight job market. This gives you leverage with your employer. As a result, you could be facing the ideal time to negotiate a raise. Yet, most people fail to push for additional pay. One study found that just 37% of people have asked their current employer for a… Read More

How Do You Plan to Develop Your Career This Year? 3 Ways a Recruiter Can Help!

Now that the new year is underway, how are those resolutions doing? Have you forgotten them already? Don’t abandon your goals this early. You still have time to develop a plan to push your career forward — something a recruiter can help you fast-track. As you entered 2022, you likely set some goals for the… Read More

How Improving Company Culture Can Attract Better Candidates

We hear a lot about corporate culture. But what does it really mean? In essence, the concept defines your company’s vision and the way it treats its various stakeholders. No wonder the idea plays such a crucial role in the recruiting process, letting you attract better candidates and improve your team-building possibilities. Workers want you… Read More

How to Stay Motivated in Your Job Search After Rejection

A job search can become a long slog — one that comes with a large amount of rejection. Think of it like a marathon combined with a dating app. Yes, a truly exhausting experience. If you’re out of work, data suggest that it could be months until you land your next position. The median time… Read More

5 Best Ways to Support Working Parents After Returning to The Office

COVID sent many workers home. For parents, this meant creating new schedules and unfamiliar routines, especially as it related to childcare and other family responsibilities. Now, this structure will have to change again. Are you doing enough to support your working parents now that they are returning to the office? With many career-minded professionals waiting… Read More

Why You Should Job Search With a Recruiter vs. Online

You can find everything online these days. From food to products to romantic partners. But does that mean that the internet makes the best outlet for your job search? Not when you can work with a recruiter. Sure, online resources have improved the job-search process in the past couple of decades. Searching through newspaper ads… Read More