Tips on Reducing Turnover in the Office

Turnover happens. In your normal operations, you’ll see employers leave for a variety of reasons. Still, you need to make sure these occasional departures don’t become a stampede. Take the necessary steps to reduce turnover in your office. The specific costs of turnover depend on the particular situation. However, experts generally put the expense somewhere… Read More

How to Work Swing Shift and Still Have Work-Life Balance

A strong work-life balance is hard enough under normal circumstances. Add a non-traditional schedule, like a swing shift, and things get much more complicated. Outside a 9-to-5 schedule, it can get tough to find time for your other responsibilities. Simple things, like connecting with your loved ones, become a challenge. You need to learn to… Read More

How to Set Your Temporary Workers Up For Success

Temporary workers provide a great supplement to your full-time staff. However, you need to set the stage for success. By creating the right work environment, you can maximize your temps’ potential. It’s important to have a system in place for optimizing your temps. After all, these positions represent a growing component of the labor market.… Read More

How to Recognize a Healthy Work Culture

Your job doesn’t exist in a vacuum. You complete your duties within an organization, dealing with coworkers and higher levels of management. Basically, that’s what defines culture. Finding a healthy work environment boosts your career and makes your life easier. A strong culture doesn’t just create a more pleasant day of work. It also invigorates… Read More

Is Hiring an Overqualified Candidate Good For Your Company?

Recruiting is a goldilocks endeavor. You can’t hire someone who doesn’t have enough qualifications. They won’t provide the skills you need. But, often, you can’t submit a job offer to someone who’s overqualified either. But wait…what’s wrong with someone who has more skills than you need? It’s common wisdom that you should show caution in… Read More

How to Find a Mentor at Work

You’ve probably heard about the importance of networking as a career-development tool. Well, there’s a way to take that concept even further. By finding a mentor at work, you improve your ability to drive your professional growth and accelerate your acquisition of new skills. The benefits of this type of connection are hard to dispute.… Read More

Are You Lifting Properly At Work?

We’ve all lifted something at work. Whether it’s a regular part of your job or just an occasional nuisance, most times you don’t even think about it. After all, it’s a simple act. But be careful: one wrong move and you could end up with a long-term injury. That’s why proper lifting technique is so… Read More

Tips on Keeping Your Office Safe for Workers

Sure, you think about safety training when you’re talking about a complicated production floor with a variety of dangerous machines. But do you give the same attention to the office? Or do you make jokes about paper cuts and screen glare and just move on? You shouldn’t. An office environment offers significant hazards as well.… Read More

Are You Afraid to Report Workplace Injuries?

When you hear the term “workplace injuries,” your mind might automatically go to catastrophic events. But most incidents don’t fall into this category. They don’t involve fatalities or massive injuries. In fact, a majority of accidents result in relatively small cuts and bruises. You might feel silly about documenting every one of these comparably trivial… Read More

How to Form a Safety-First Culture

In many ways, you create a safety-first culture by engaging your employees. You want them to care about details, to follow the correct procedures, and to remain aware of their surroundings at all times. This will help you lower the risks of injuries and accidents. This focus on engagement has other impacts as well. The… Read More