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Established in 2001, SmartTalent is an independently owned human resource and staffing organization.  Laser-focused on results, our team exceeds client and candidate expectations with every placement.

“We’re Going To Make Your Business Day Better!” is not just our motto, but our way of life.  The confidence that our clients and our associates have in SmartTalent must be earned each day, and we work hard to maintain that confidence.


We will excel as an organization by placing our candidates and clients at the center of our business decisions.

We will differentiate ourselves to clients by delivering innovative solutions to business problems; reducing costly process time, increasing productivity and increasing their service ability to their customers and internal employees.

We differentiate ourselves to candidates by providing career counseling, training and employment opportunities to our associates to increase their skills, expand their knowledge, and provide new career offerings with enhanced earning and career possibilities.


  • Commitment: We succeed by exceeding expectations, adding value and tenaciously seeking solutions where others only see roadblocks.
  • Relentless improvement: Good is never good enough. We always aim higher.
  • People-focused: Our strength comes from our people. It takes talent to deliver talent.
  • Passion: We are driven to positively change lives and businesses.
  • Common vision: We understand that we all share the same value and a common vision.
  • Quality: The quality of our service impacts the quality of service our clients provide and determines whether our associates can meet their family and financial obligations.
  • Integrity: We are honest and ethical in all we do.

Business Philosophy

“We’re Going To Make Your Business Day Better!”

For our candidates, we will provide services to those individuals that we truly can help.  It is our job to create opportunities, manage the career search, prepare and represent qualified candidates that will yield results for our associates: a quicker search and a more satisfying career choice.

For our clients, we will offer continued value that will enhance and grow our business relationship.  We will build our client base through strong business relationships and provide solution-oriented services that allow our clients to reach their goals and objectives.

For our team, we will create an environment based on openness, fun and a continuous learning process.  We will offer knowledge, career development and empowerment.  It will be an environment where we understand that we do important work and it is up to each of us to make an impact on our community, set a standard of excellence for staffing performance and provide substantial results for our clients and associates.

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