Our Story

SmartTalent was founded just two weeks after one of the most horrendous days in American history: September 11, 2001. As the economy sputtered after 9/11, employers struggled to stay afloat and candidates struggled to find new opportunities. Though the timing was challenging, SmartTalent dug in, forging a path to success by putting clients and candidates first.

That philosophy paid off, and over the next several years, SmartTalent expanded from its first location in Renton, Washington to several locations throughout Western Washington and Puget Sound.

Our success comes from our ability to align our services to the business objectives of our business clients and our talented employees.  We understand that we must always bring value and bottom line results if we are to survive and continue to be successful.

It is this commitment that allowed us to grow in the post-9/11 economy and to survive the Great Recession.  No matter the challenges, SmartTalent has always been here to help our clients and our candidates weather economic storms, adapt to evolving business environments and adjust to rapid change.

Today, SmartTalent is still an independently and privately held organization. We aim to make businesses better, improve the lives of our associates through meaningful work and to give back to the communities we serve.

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